Going for a weekend sailing or an unique experience?

The crew of the ST58 would like to share their unique ex­perience with you!
By experiencing how rustic and beautiful it is to sail on the inland waters of Friesland. How chal­lenging and expansive it can be to have a weekend sailing on the IJsselmeer, the beauty, dynamism and tran­quillity that the Wadden Sea can offer you.

voorschip zeilend

We offer you the opportunity to witness this unique experience. Whether it comes to the quiet en­joy­ment of the rising and/or setting sun, the peace of the rippling water, or dis­covering the Wadden Sea and the ad­venture. Every­thing is pos­sible.

How do we do it?

By letting the guiding skipper play along with your in­di­vid­ual needs, and providing a combination of a strong and secure ship and the mastery of an ex­peri­enced, know­ledge­able and caring skip­per.


If one of the following aspects states in your wish list for the up­coming boating season, please do not hesi­tate to contact us.
Enjoying, dis­cover­ing, being or becoming sur­prised, having fun together, safety, peace, quiet­ness, drying up, dynamics, thrill, learning about Tide and boating on the Wadden Sea.

Useful to know.

In 1938 it was built as a fishing vessel in Stavoren and it has an eventful history (see history).
The crew will be pleased to tell you more about that on board.
Meanwhile, the ship is equipped with all modern day comforts such as GPS navi­gation, VHF, Radio / CD, toilet, galley, re­friger­ator, heating, 6 berths, life jackets, sailing suits and a powerful engine.


The ST58 with its 11x 4 meters is very suitable for a large sailing area.
In view of the the ship's size it is a good and more than stable ship to sail with on the Frisian lakes and canals, and very sea­worthy for the IJsselmeer, the Wadden Sea and the tidal inlets around the Wadden islands.
With the large cockpit and the high coaming it is an ideal and safe ship for young and old.

During weekend trips we put limit to max. 4 people so that there remains enough (living) space, per­son­al input and in­di­vid­ual joy.