Zeeschouw ST58

Boating remains a running theme throughout Rob's life. As a child he was already fond of sea, beach and dunes, and he always wanted to sail. In addition to a career in inland navigation and in the Navy he has sailed as a skipper on charter boats on the IJsselmeer. After he came ashore through a career change (washed ashore) he sails frequently with the ST58 on the IJsselmeer, Wadden Sea and inland waters of Friesland.

Jip and Sietse:
They are born and raised on board a ship and the salt is in their blood.
In their youth they have sailed in optimists and vauriens, and now they are keen windsurfers.
Furthermore, Jip has sailed at sea as a crew member on board of the Wylde Swan, from Harlingen to Fredrikstad, Norway during the Tall Ships race in 2014 and Sietse, like no other, knows how to share his knowledge and skills about sailing and navigating with those who just want to know something about it.
Both Jip and Sietse now are studying and they use (if required) their free time for the role of (independent) skipper.